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    How to choose a generator?

    Generators Huter

    Today, as often happens blackouts, many began to think about purchasing a home partitivity power. Of course, it's not cheap, but sometimes it is simply necessary. In addition, such a device may be useful not only in emergencies but also to become a trusted friend in the country or a trip, and also be used for repair and construction works. In short, handy power where there is no steady electricity, and it is very necessary. At least in order to illuminate the room and charge the same mobile device, and perhaps even - to support the livelihoods of a small cottage.

    You face a choice of power and do not know which to prefer, then we'll try to help you. To begin, it is important to understand - how exactly are you going to use the device. In fact, based on the total power consumed energy, you will choose and the power plant. It should be at least a quarter higher.

    Honda Generators

    You to graphically imagined how powerful device you need, we can say that two kilowatts would be enough to "revive" the light bulb in two or three rooms, a refrigerator and a computer. If you live in a country cottage and you constantly power outages, and electronic devices in the house a lot, then you need definitely more powerful device - 15-20 kilowatts.

    Before buying the device sure to find out the number of phases wiring. If it is a single-phase, the power plant should also use a single phase. If users are in different phases (they should be about equal in power, with a deviation of not more than 25 percent), you should use a three-phase device.

    Hyundai Generators

    And, of course, one of the most important issues of interest to almost everyone who is going to buy a power station - what to buy: diesel or petrol. Exactly to answer this question, we need to understand - how you will use it. If only for domestic purposes for the home, garden, workshop and in extreme cases, the ideal - a device with a gasoline engine. And at the price they are more accessible, and weight, but most importantly - these generators are extremely easy to use. The most trusted and popular model among consumers in this segment are presented Huter firms and Hyundai.

    In that case, if you are going to use the power plant as the sole source of energy for quite some time, it is reasonable to consider the purchase once the diesel generator. Although, of course, its value will be much higher than that of gasoline, but the performance of the device is much higher. Great range of these plants also represented companies Huter and Hyundai, and Kipor.

    Champion generators

    Another nuance, given that you can save some money on the purchase of deferred - it sound insulation. It will be needed if power will be mainly work indoors. If you are going to operate the generator in an open area on the sound insulation can save.

    Choosing a power plant, it is important to consider all: not only the parameters listed above, but also the quality of manufacture, manufacturer's reputation. Also the generator should be an acceptable weight, if you are going to carry it from place to place. In general, the universal advice - what is better to buy a power plant, probably not. Everything depends on the aims and objectives with which it will have to cope with.



    Gasoline generator Huter DY1500L
    Huter DY1500L

    Gasoline Generator Honda ECM2800
    Honda ECM2800

    Diesel generator Hyundai DHY-8000 SE
    Hyundai DHY-8000 SE

    Gasoline generator SDMO Alize 6000 E
    SDMO Alize 6000 E

    Diesel generator Champion DG15ES
    Champion DG15ES

    Gasoline, inverter generator FUBAG TI 2000
    FUBAG TI 2000

    Gasoline generator DDE DPG6501
    DDE DPG6501

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